Lakeview Jr-Sr High

Daily Bulletin

  • Daily Bulletin for Thursday, January 16, 2020

    Lunch: Meat loaf, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Beans, Roll

    Lunch tomorrow: Chicken Patty, ½ Baked Potato, Butter Carrots

    Reminder 9-12 students during the first two weeks of the semester you will be in your Viking Time for the full week. The first failing list will come out on Tuesday, January 21st and the first days of ISDF will be Thursday/Friday on January 23rd and 24th. If you are on the failing list on January 21st you can "Earn Your Way Out" of ISDF by opening up your PS account and showing your ISDF teacher on Thursday that you are passing all classes. If you are not passing you must attend ISDF.

    Words of the Day

    hirsute – adjective (HER-soot)

    1: hairy

    2: covered with coarse stiff hairs

    Ex: Turner wore a hirsute mask as part of his werewolf costume for the school play.

    weal – noun (WEEL)

    : a sound, healthy, or prosperous state : well-being

    Ex: Before presenting the bill to the legislature, the senator spoke of devotion to the general weal.

    YFFC Lunch Groups- There will be no boys group on Tuesday, January 21st. All other groups will still meet on this day. 

    Any FBLA member interested in attending State Leadership Conference, stop by Mrs. Dlouhy’s room Thursday during VT.

    Seniors, please check your emails for several scholarship opportunities that Mrs. Rambour email to you. Be sure to look at deadlines and where/ how the scholarship should be submitted. 

    The Junior High Student Council will have a meeting this Thursday during lunch.  Please grab your food and meet in the library.

    The HAL National History Day group will meet today (Thursday) after school until 4:30. 

    Happy Birthday to Jose Villa!


  • Principal - Steve Borer
    Administrative Assistant - Cindy Wendt
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Dean - Kurt Frenzen
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    Activities - Jake Shadley
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Activities - Dan Krueger
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518