Aaron Plas

  • Welcome to Lakeview Community Schools!  Lakeview has a proud tradition of providing excellent education, winning activities, and putting students first in all decision-making.  We are excited to have three public school buildings spread throughout the district with Platte Center Elementary, Shell Creek Elementary, and Lakeview Jr./Sr. High School.  Lakeview Preschool is also located at Platte Center Elementary.  In addition to LCS buildings, inside district boundaries are two K-8 parochial schools with Christ Lutheran Elementary School and St. John’s Lutheran School.

    Lakeview Community School District is a PK-12 public school district that enjoys strong community support and provides quality education for approximately 900 students. Lakeview demographics consisted of 889 students with 36.84% on free/reduced lunch, 15.91% in special education, and 8.19% as English Language Learners.  The students are a combination of children residing in suburban Columbus, rural Columbus and Platte Center, as well as industrial tract residents. There are sixty-four (64) certified staff members, seventy-four (74) non-certified staff members, and five (5) administrators employed by the district.

    The District offers a broad range of academic and extracurricular opportunities for its students. Also, college-level courses are available on campus and through the Columbus Campus of Central Community College. Migrant Education, English as a Second Language, and Reading First instruction are also available. 

    Lakeview has a strong academic background displayed with strong NSCAS scores and ACT scores above the state average.  We offer a broad curriculum that includes quality STEM education, a world-class agriculture education program, and career education opportunities that are second-to-none.

    Please spend some time on our website.  Our tabs will take you to more information on student achievement, school improvement initiatives, staff, our annual report, and much more.

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    Go Vikings,

    Aaron Plas