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Daily Bulletin

  • Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    Lunch: Chicken nuggets, French Fries, Corn

    Lunch tomorrow: Cavatini, Green Beans, Breadstick

    Words of the Day:

    allege – verb (uh-LEJ)

    1: to assert without proof or before proving

    2: to bring forward as a reason or excuse

    The lawsuit alleges that the company knew about the faulty switches but sold the product anyway.

    futhark – noun (FOO-thahrk)

    : the runic alphabet: any of sereal alphabets used by the Germanic peoples from about the 3rd to the 13th centuries

    The oldest inscriptions in the futhark were found in Denmark and northern Germany, dating from the first century AD; at that time the inventory consisted of twenty-four signs. Later, by the eighth century, the range used in Denmark was reduced to sixteen….

    The Great Kindness Challenge week is Jan 27-Jan 31 this year. The High School Circle of Friends group posted flyers with a bunch of challenges to help spread kindness. Also, you can scan a QR code which downloads an app with all the kindness challenges. Don’t limit yourself to just what’s on the poster or app. Help spread kindness in all different ways around Lakeview and tell everyone about it on social media by tweeting #GreatKindnessChallenge. 

    Multi-Cultural Club meeting Wednesday, January 29th during Viking Time!

    Bring your family information!

    The HAL National History Day will meet the following days and times:

    • Tuesday:  Team Time until 4:00
    • Thursday:  Team Time until 4:30

    The Junior High Student Council will have a meeting this Thursday during lunch.  Please grab your lunch and meet in the library.

    Boys Soccer: please use the following link if you would like to purchase apparel for this spring.  There is also women’s jacket available.  Due Feb 2nd.

    Happy Birthday to Carsten Loseke!


  • Principal - Steve Borer
    Administrative Assistant - Cindy Wendt
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Dean - Kurt Frenzen
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    Activities - Jake Shadley
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Activities - Dan Krueger
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518