• Our Mission...

    We strive to build a strong academic foundation with educational opportunities that develop character and the mindset needed for all students to be successful members of their community.

    Our Values...

    We will work together as a team to develop a sense of community involving patrons, staff, and students of the Lakeview district.

    We will establish a positive learning environment that will hold students accountable to themselves, their school, and their community.

    We will uphold high expectations, which will develop a sense of pride for self and school.

    We will effectively communicate with staff, students, parents, and patrons within our community.

    We will create an engaging educational environment that supports risk taking and learning.

    We will model the importance of lifelong learning and exhibiting intellectual curiosity in our content areas.

    We will keep information regarding both the students and staff confidential as necessary for the well-being of everyone.

    We will provide support and encouragement to all students and colleagues in their activities and organizations.

Lakeview Community Schools Continuous School Improvement

  • Lakeview Community Schools continuous improvement plan flowchart:

    Continuous Improvement Flowchart

    Collaboration Teams
    Lakeview Community School’s Collaboration Teams is a systematic process in which educators work together interdependently to identify essential standards, create common assessments and analyze student data to improve instruction through the PLC process.

    Data Analysis

    Data is analyzed using our collaboration teams, building level staff or the entire district level staff, depending on the data we are studying and how we can best utilize our time.