• K.I.S.A

    K.I.S.A- is the acronym for our overarching goal in school improvement and staff development. K.I.S.A stands for Knowledge of Instruction, Students and Assessment. Lakeview teachers are focused on gaining knowledge of instruction. Instruction includes what curriculum is taught and how this curriculum is taught. Teachers work towards providing a quality curriculum which is aligned to the state standards and meets the needs of all students. Teachers gain knowledge of the proper pedagogy and strategies needed for engaging students in their classrooms. Teachers gain knowledge of our students, through the use of quality assessment and data. This data is used to improve the quality of instruction and to support student programs within the district. Furthermore teachers gain knowledge of the appropriate use of assessment and assessment data to guide their instruction in the effort of continuously meeting the needs of all students and improve learning.

Lakeview Community Schools Continuous School Improvement

  • Lakeview Community Schools continuous improvement plan flow chart:

    School Improvement Flowchart

    Mixed Learning Teams
    All Lakeview Community Schools teachers are a part of a K-12 mixed Learning Team. We have 9 Learning Teams throughout the district. The learning teams are created so that the strengths, knowledge and experiences of elementary teachers and secondary teachers is shared within the teams. Learning teams are used to study best practice and implement district initiatives.

    Data Analysis

    Data is analyzed using our collaboration teams, building level staff or the entire district level stafff, depending on the data we are studying and how we can best utilize our time.

    Collaboration Teams
    Lakeview Community School’s Collaboration Teams is a systematic process in which educators work together interdependently to identify essential standards, create common assessments and analyze student data to improve instruction.