• Lakeview Community Schools is getting healthier! 

    It’s a fact--healthier students are better learners.  That’s why our school is launching a school-wide wellness initiative to make Lakeview Community Schools a healthier environment for everyone.  We’re part of a movement across Nebraska and the nation to make our schools healthier places to learn and work.

    Our Wellness Policy Team, chaired by Jenny Sloup, is in charge of implementing our school’s wellness policy.  The wellness policy addresses school meal programs, nutrition education, physical activity and foods available during the school day.  We are providing more nutritious yet tasty food options so that students can choose healthier foods for their meals and snacks.  We are also increasing opportunities for physical activity.

    The committee meets quarterly and anyone with an interest in student health is invited to attend.  You can contact any of the members to find out when the next meeting is being held. 

    Watch the school newsletter and website for regular updates from the Wellness Policy Team.  Creating a healthier school environment is a team effort, we invite you to join us.