The Lakeview Education Foundation (LEF) is a non –profit organization dedicated to managing and distributing gifts given to Lakeview Community Schools.


    Supervised by a Board of Directors, the foundation is incorporated under the Laws of the State of Nebraska.


                                                                             Board of Directors

                                                    Russ Freeman                                     Dennis Micek

                                                    Ron Greenwall                                    Larry Mohrman

                                                    Sharon Gutierrez                                 Clete Pillen

                                                    Brad Luchsinger                                  Dr. Aaron Plas

                                                    Jamie Meyer                                       Kevin Saalfeld

                                                    Pat Meyer                                           Jaci Tessendorf


    The funds generated and managed by the Board of Directors, enable LEF to build funds that will be used to provide teacher grants, enhance the scholarship program for Lakeview’s graduating seniors and may also be used as a resource for funding special projects that may arise in the future of Lakeview Community Schools.   








    The Board of Directors secures funds for the foundation through:

                          *Public Awareness Campaigns

                         *Memorials and Wills

                         *Gifts from Private and Cooperate Donors

                         *Foundation Sponsored Activities such as Banquets and Fundraisers


     Any person, persons, or organization making a donation of $250 or more will have their name(s) placed on a corresponding leaf of the donor tree which is in honor of those who are a part of the foundation of Lakeview Community Schools. 

    Leaf categories on the donor board include:

    • Bronze leaf: $250 +
    • Silver leaf: $500 +
    • Gold leaf: $1,000 +

    Donations in excess of $2,500 qualify for the "Boulder Club", which has three categories:

    • 10 inch: $2,500 +
    • 12 inch: $5,000 +
    • 14 inch $10,000 +

    If you wish, your donations may be anonymous.  All donations to the Lakeview Education Foundation are tax deductible.

    If you, or anyone you know is interested in becoming a member of the LEF Tree of Opportunity,

    contact Clete Pillen, LEF President, at 402-276-0692.


    The Lakeview Education Foundation is "Dedicated to the Promotion of Excellence".  

    Your gifts help us help kids!