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Daily Bulletin

  • Friday, May 22, 2020

    Remember that the South  & Southwest Entrances to Lakeview are now closed due to construction. All students, staff, and visitors must enter through the NORTHWEST door.

    Word of the Day:

    preen - verb (PREEN)

    1 of a bird: to groom with the bill especially by rearranging the barbs and barbules of the feathers and by distributing oil from the uropygial gland

    2: to dress or smooth (oneself) up: primp

    3: to pride or congratulate (oneself) on an achievement

    4: to make oneself sleek

    5: to behave or speak with obvious pride or self-satisfaction

    Ex: Adding a water source to your yard also will attract birds, providing not only drinking water for them but a place to wash their feathers and preen.

    Students must check out from school this week. If you owe books, chromebooks, or fines, please make arrangements for a time to come to the school and handle your things, and then you can enjoy your summer vacation!

    Parents: Please scroll down this page for important information on Sports Physicals for next year.

    Happy Birthday to Riley Hellbusch!

    Happy Birthday this weekend to Owen Lieberman, Elissa Aguilera Redfern, Dustin Fleming, Kanen Shemek, Landon Bignell, & Brenden Sloup!


  • Principal - Steve Borer
    Administrative Assistant - Cindy Wendt
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Dean - Kurt Frenzen
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    Activities - Jake Shadley
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Activities - Dan Krueger
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518