Lakeview Jr-Sr High

Daily Bulletin

  • Daily Bulletin for Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    Lunch: Breakfast sandwich, Hash Browns, Fruit Cups, Juice, Min donuts

    Lunch tomorrow: Creamed Chicken over a biscuit, Mix Veggies

    Students: The first failing list will come out on Tuesday, January 21st and the first days of ISDF will be Thursday/Friday on January 23rd and 24th. If you are on the failing list on January 21st you can "Earn Your Way Out" of ISDF by opening up your PS account and showing your ISDF teacher on Thursday that you are passing all classes. If you are not passing you must attend ISDF.

    Words of the Day

    bonhomie –noun (bah-nuh-MEE)

    : good-natured easy friendliness

    For older athletes, the bonhomie among teammates and rivals who have spent years sprinting or skating together, or boxing one another out under the rim, is often as important as the exercise. Many have become friends off the court, sharing meals and socializing after games.

    intercalate – verb (in-TER-kuh-layt)

    1: to insert (something, such as a day) in a calendar

    2: to insert between or among existing elements or layers

    In order for a lunar calendar to keep up with the solar year and the seasons, it is necessary to intercalate a 13th lunar month every two or three years.

    Past & Present Art Students: I have a lot of students’ artwork in my room from the last semester, as well as, artwork from the Platte County fair. In two weeks, I will begin to throw it out as I prep for the great move. Plus, I am getting a lot of artwork made this semester and I need the space for this semester's artwork. Please claim your items ASAP or it will discarded.

    There will be a student council meeting in Mrs. Blaser room today during Viking time.

    Boys Soccer: please use the following link if you would like to purchase apparel for this spring.  There is also women’s jacket available.  Due Feb 2nd.

    Boys Soccer: Concessions next Monday, 1/27/20.  Be there at 4:45.

    YFFC Lunch Groups- There will be no boys group today. All other groups will still meet.

    Seniors, please check your emails for several scholarship opportunities that Mrs. Rambour email to you. Be sure to look at deadlines and where/ how the scholarship should be submitted. 

    Junior Girls interested in Cornhusker Girls State, please see Mrs. Willoughby or Mr. Hogue for an application ASAP, fill out and return to Mrs. Willoughby or Cindy in the front office.

    Happy Birthday to Blake Anderson & Alayna Lichtenfeld!


  • Principal - Steve Borer
    Administrative Assistant - Cindy Wendt
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Dean - Kurt Frenzen
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    Activities - Jake Shadley
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518

    JH Activities - Dan Krueger
    Administrative Assistant - Rachael Rodehorst
         Phone:  402-564-8518