Hot Lunch Program

Each morning, your child’s teacher will collect hot lunch or cold lunch participant names. The students have the following options for lunch:

1. The main listed on the menu
2. Deli Sandwich

All choices come with fruit and vegetable bar.

If your child is having hot lunch, your child’s lunch identification card will be computer scanned when they pass through the lunch line and the cost of a hot lunch will be deducted from the their account. The system works the same way as a checking account. Your family must maintain a positive balance in order for your child to draw purchases from it. Under the National Student Lunch Guidelines, students must choose three or more of the five meal components offered.

Hot lunch prices:

Student Full Price: $3.00, reduced price meals: $.40. Seconds for the main item is $2.00 (Seconds on the main will only be offered to 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Students. Extra milk is $.50. Adult lunches are $4.60.

Seconds must be ordered and paid for when lunch count is taken. Students must pay full price for lunch until their free/ reduced lunch application has been returned to school and processed. Only one application per family is needed for students in the Lakeview Community Schools. Students must keep their lunch accounts current. Accounts will not be considered current if they are more than two days past due. Once accounts are past due, the child will not be served hot lunch.